7 Interactive Read-Alouds for March

Marvelous March Read-alouds for First and Second Graders

We chose 7 Marvelous books for our March read-alouds. We picked ‘The Luckiest Leprechaun’ by Justine Korman because it is an old favorite of ours. We chose to do a compare and contrast with ‘The Three Little Aliens’ by Margaret McNamara and ‘The Three Ninja Pigs’ by Corey Rosen Schwartz because we thought both stories put a fun twist on the traditional 3 Little Pigs.  We added Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore, Spy Guy by Jessica Young, Stuck by Oliver Jeffers and Land Shark by Beth Ferry because they were all well written adorable books ,which would allow us to meet all the reading literature standards this month. We found each of these titles in our local library, scholastic.com, and Amazon.

Meeting the Reading and Literature Core Standards

Throughout the month of March we will read aloud all 7 of these books. The lessons for each book last for 3-5 days and we read each story multiple times, each for a different purpose. During the month we will meet all the reading literature core standards. We have mapped out the standards we meet with each book.

Asking Text Dependent Questions

We meet most of the standards by asking text dependent questions. We intentionally incorporate speaking and listening strategies with the questions and have the students discuss the questions with partners. You can learn more about other discussion strategies and accountable talk in the classroom here.


The questions from the first lesson focus on key ideas and details from the story. The next time we read the story we focus on the craft and structure. The final lesson focuses on integration of knowledge and ideas. You can learn more about how we use text dependent questions here

Completing Standard Based Graphic Organizers 

After we ask the focused text dependent questions we have our class complete a graphic organizer. The graphic organizer covers a standard from key ideas and details for the first lessons, craft and structure for the second lesson, and integration of knowledge and ideas for the final lesson. 

Adding a Fun Art Project

To wrap up the interactive read-aloud we like to compliment the writing or graphic organizer from the integration of knowledge and ideas graphic organizer with a fun craftivity. Our students always looks forward to this part and it allows for a fun way for us to share our learning with the school and parents. Below are some of the examples of the craftivities from this month.


You are sure to make your principal proud when you read-aloud with these lessons. You can purchase each of these read-alouds individually or save money and purchase them as the March Bundle.


-The Core Coaches

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