Back to School Bulletin Boards Ideas

Back to School Bulletin Boards Ideas

Teachers all know the basics of building a bulletin board, but what about changing it up this year with some unique back to school bulletin boards?! 


Llama Tell you all about Me is one of our favorite unique bulletin boards! In Llama Tell You All About Me, students receive a printable page. On the printable page, students share information about themselves. You will learn your students’ names and 3 of their favorite things. Students also have a place to put a picture of themselves. What makes this one of our really unique back to school bulletin boards? The “I am Great at… “ section.Students start the year in a positive way. They get to share a positive attribute: something they are great at. Put these on the bulletin board so kids can see them. Throughout the year, students can look at the bulletin board to remember their strengths.


We have one more reason we love this bulletin board. Students create this bulletin board! Students create this during the first week of school, so you don’t have to spend time during teacher work week making a bulletin board! You get to know your students AND get an adorable bulletin board! 


Llama Tell you all about Me All About Me Bullet Board




Simple Back to School Bulletin Boards

Simple Back to School Bulletin Boards


Every teacher wants simple back to school bulletin boards! Teacher work week takes up time. The students aren’t even there, but just as much work takes place. Faculty meetings. Lesson planning. Classroom preparation. All while your mind is still in summer mode. Give yourself a break this August, and choose some simple back to school bulletin boards.


Yeti Growth Mindset is an ideal simple back to school bulletin board! After last year, students may feel overwhelmed coming back to school. They may feel that they are behind in learning. They may feel that they have yet to learn what they need. That’s where YETI comes in! This printable page has students write what they can do, and what they can’t do YET(I)! This lesson of “not yet” is the perfect introduction to growth mindset. It’s the perfect start to the year. The best part for you? This is one of the most simple back to school bulletin boards because your students make it! You print the pages. The students complete the pages. You staple the pages to the bulletin board. Done and done! 


Growth Mindset Bulletin Board:Yeti Growth Mindset




Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas


What’s the first thing you start to think about when August rolls around? Back to school bulletin board ideas? We bet that’s one of your top ones! Elementary school teachers know bulletin boards are an essential part of the classroom. You know it’s not just about decorations. Bulletin boards are part of learning. Bulletin boards provide places for students to share about themselves.They help to build a classroom community. Bulletin boards remind students of classroom procedures. They also teach students: vocabulary words, sight words, math equations, etc. 


There are many ways to use bulletin boards. Back to school bulletin board ideas are an easy place to begin. Goal setting is always a favorite back to school activity. Why not combine goal setting with a bulletin board?! Anything is Popsicle is a great goal setting activity, and bulletin board idea! Print these popsicle shaped papers and let your students do the rest. Put the students’ goals on the bulletin board. Then, students can look at their goals all year long!


Back to School Goal Setting: Anything is Popsicle


Creative Ideas for Back to School Bulletin Boards

Creative Ideas for Back to School Bulletin Boards

Do you need some creative ideas for back to school bulletin boards? Many of you didn’t have to create bulletin boards during the pandemic. Some of you may be thankful for that. Some of you may have missed that. Whatever camp you’re in – it’s a new school year! 


When students return to school, what is something you are going to have to spend A LOT of time teaching? Math? Science? English? Yes. 


And, guess what you will probably have to spend more time teaching than anything else? Classroom Procedures! 


Classroom procedures… not the most engaging or exciting thing about returning to school – for the kids or teachers. Procedures are definitely one of the most important things to discuss early in the school year though. ESPECIALLY after the kids had time off from being in the classroom! 


So, how do you make teaching classroom procedures engaging? How do you get the kids involved? How do you help them remember procedures ALL year long? Use a bulletin board! 


A great way to engage students is to have them write down notes and ideas as you teach your procedures during the first weeks of school. Don’t have students just put what they write away in their folders though. Students need to see the classroom procedures EVERY day! So, put them up on a bulletin board. 


Using what the students write is one of our favorite creative ideas for back to school bulletin boards! Having students write out the procedures keeps them engaged; it involves them in creating the classroom community. As students are learning the classroom procedures, rules, and routines, they not only know where to look for reminders, but they remember their participation and creating them. The added bonus? The students create the bulletin board with their work – so it’s not any extra work for you!


Classroom Rules Bulletin Board




Back to School Bulletin Boards Kindness

Back to School Bulletin Boards Kindness


It’s that time of year again! Back to school! It’s not just any back to school year though – it’s the first year back to in-person learning for EVERYONE! Students are going to be face-to-face with their peers after an entire year (or more) of not learning in a room with others. This is exciting. It may also be overwhelming for many students. 


There are many topics that teachers like to address at the beginning of the school year. Kindness is a big one. Teaching lessons on kindness is an important part of creating a positive classroom community. Teaching Kindness is not just a back to school topic though. Kindness is a topic that teachers often want to, or need to, readdress throughout the year. The Core Coaches have a great idea on how to make kindness a back to school & year long topic: Back to School Bulletin Boards Kindness. 


Creating back to school bulletin boards kindness focused, creates a classroom focus on kindness from day one. Creating a kindness bulletin board as a back to school bulletin board, sets the tone for the classroom community. Keeping the kindness bulletin board up all year, reminds students of the importance of kindness everyday. 


Create a back to school bulletin board for kindness with the help of your students! Provide your students with a kindness activity sheet to complete at the beginning of the year. Use the students’ work to create a bulletin board! This is less work for you. This also reminds the students that they are responsible for creating kindness. 


Back to School Kindness




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