Best of Morning Meeting

Morning meetings help students transition from home to school. They build a strong sense of classroom community and establish trust between the teacher and students. Preferably, morning meeting should be scheduled right after your students arrive for the day.  It typically lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. Scheduling the morning meeting at the first of the day is a way to help students transition from home to school.

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Everything you need

These simple tools will help build positive classroom culture, starting with morning greeting at the door. When students are familiar with how morning meeting runs, introduce them to student-led morning meetings. It's truly magical to see students, even primary-aged, planning for and conducting morning meeting every day.

Morning Greeting Signs

These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting signs on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room. You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting.

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Student Led Morning Meeting

Make morning meeting magical by having students lead morning meeting. Allowing students to plan for and lead morning meeting is a great way to teach responsibility and leadership skills. It also helps address important speaking and listening standards.

Teachers, You Got This Year!

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