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Mindfulness can be used anytime during the school day or class period. The benefit of these practices is that they are adaptable to YOUR classroom! You may choose to implement mindful resources from the once a day or multiple times throughout the day. You may also establish a schedule, choose to have students suggest what they need, or determine needs through your own intuition.  

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Mindfulness in the Classroom

A Mindful Calm Down Corner can help students practice mindfulness and give them permission to pause, breathe, and calm down in the classroom. In this Mindful Calm Down Corner resource, we provide engaging and calming social emotional learning activities to help your students prepare to learn and focus throughout the school day. You will find everything you need to implement a calm down corner.

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Mindful Breathing Activities

Mindful Breathing is one of the most immediate and effective strategies to calm anxiety and stress. It can also be a great way to bring students’ attention back to learning as they learn how to refocus when they are distracted. Mindful Breathing exercises can be used at any time throughout the day. We have found it helpful to practice Mindful Breathing before each class, class period, or subject. These exercises are effective when preparing for a quiz or test, or when persevering during a task. They can be planned as a regular part of the daily schedule or added in as needed.

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Mindful Movement Activities

Children need breaks in order to stay engaged and focused with learning. Movement breaks encourage a physical & mental break from learning, as well as help students stay focused during shorter laser-focused learning periods. We find that students can focus better after recharging and by knowing there will be another opportunity to move.

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Mindful Affirmation Activities

Positive affirmation activities that give students opportunities to manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. These affirmation activities target social emotional learning through mindfulness activities that will support your students' academic, social, and emotional success as they focus on positive self-talk.

Teachers, You Got This Year!

2020 was a tough year. We are here to help make 2021-2022 the best school year yet! Check out all of our Mindfulness ideas by clicking on the links below. M

Mindful Breaks

Mindfulness You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about mindfulness. Mindfulness is calmly acknowledging our thoughts and feelings without judgment and accepting them without

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