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Effortless Classroom Management, Transform your Classroom

Are you ready to create a classroom community that runs more effectively WITHOUT Rules?!

Classroom Management: When the Rules Aren’t Working is an online course designed to take your classroom management beyond the rules. It’s designed to help you create a classroom environment that effectively manages itself through building community, engagement, and several other positive practices that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I ditch the rules long ago?!”

Ditch The Rules

Here’s how to create effortless classroom manaagment

You probably haven’t thought about ditching the rules until now because no one told you that you could! We are here to give you permission! Go ahead and challenge the tradition of classroom management being rooted in a set of rules. We did!

We’re not here to just give you permission though, we are here to SHOW you exactly HOW to do it and tell you WHY it works!

How do we know ditching the rules works? Because we have LIVED it!

When the four of us began discussing our own classroom management “failures” from the past, we realized there was one common element: the rules. When we needed them, when they were supposed to “solve the problem,” they didn’t work.

At the same time, when we talked about what did work, we realized we all had our own stories of success that had nothing to do with the rules. We also realized there were some commonalities between the different strategies we were individually using in our classrooms over the years.

How is this course different from other Classroom Management Courses?

Our individual experiences is one of the things that makes this Classroom Management Course Effective

When the Rules Aren’t Working Course is special! You are getting the expertise of FOUR veteran educators, rather than the experience of just one teacher.

You can access the combined classroom experience and expertise of all 4 Core Coaches! That’s 50 years of combined experience at the classroom, school, and district level, with multiple perspectives teaching in several diverse school settings across all types of communities: in Title 1, public, private and charter schools from grades K through High School.


We provide expertise as classroom teachers, school coaches, and professional educators who have presented professional development in individual schools, state conferences, and national learning conferences.

Together, we’ve reflected on all of our own successes and failures in classroom management over the years. We’ve identified our most effective strategies and compiled them to share with you!

the 6 Modules to Classroom Management

We’ve leveraged our experience as classroom teachers, school coaches, and professional educators to design the BEST classroom management course.

The 6 modules in this course are the six areas that we view as most important to creating effective classroom management beyond the rules. These are the areas where we found success in our own classrooms, as well as areas where we have seen other teachers have success.

Several of these module topics are most likely familiar to you in some way. You may have thought about some of these areas outside of a classroom management lens. Some you may have tried on your own to improve classroom management.

Through our course, we make each of these six areas new for you, with our combined experience and perspective, that takes into account several different school communities, students, research, best-practices, and proven success. We believe what we’ve created offers you a new way of thinking about and implementing these 6 areas – with specific regards to classroom management.

What topics do the 6 Modules cover?

We provide you with classroom exercises and resources to help you build positive relationships, establish your classroom environment, setup and maintain routines, encourage student engagement +accountability, and improve your time management.

Module 1: Establishing positive relationships

  • Teacher to Student
  • Whole Class
  • Student to Student
  • The Challenging Student

Module 2 : Creating Positive Classroom Environment

  • Classroom Layout 
  • Student Created Spaces
  • Organized and Clean Classroom
  • Student Ownership & Responsibility

Module 3: Making Routines & Procedures Effective

  • Explicitly Teach Procedures
  • Student Transitions- Movement
  • Student Transitions- Supplies
  • Procedures for Daily Routines

Module 4:  Student Engagement

  • Opportunities to Respond 
  • Checking for Understanding 
  • Mix-up Lesson Pedagogy 
  • Break Things Up!

Module 5: Student Accountability and Ownership

  • Student Reflection- Behavior
  • Student Reflection- Academics
  • Student Data Collection
  • Student Led Activities 

Module 6: Time Management 

  • Managing Time: Planning and Preparation 
  • Managing Time: Setting Work-Life Boundaries 
  • Managing Time: Keep Class Moving
  • Classroom Management is Time Management 

How is this course different from other Classroom Management Courses?

For you to transform your classroom management, you need to reflect, identify and implement new strategies. You’re provided exercises and top-rated resources to do so!

Every lesson you see above includes not just coaching, but hands-on application! The most important part of this course is giving you time to explore how these lessons and strategies will help YOU effectively manage YOUR classroom! That means taking time to not just listen to our experiences, but to reflect on your own! 


Included in every module is a note-taking packet with prompts for reflections related to each lesson. This will be a great way for you to personalize this course and reflect on which strategies you think will work best for your classroom. We know every classroom is different, which is why we’ve included SEVERAL different strategies & ready-to-use resources for each lesson as well! 


In addition to everything in the online modules, you have access to all of The Core Coaches as well! We believe we have covered A LOT of scenarios and addressed several questions that you may have, BUT we can’t anticipate every single scenario! So throughout the course you will have several opportunities to ask us questions & get our coaching perspective. 

We recognize that spending MORE money on your career can feel like a LOT! Unfortunately, schools don’t always provide teachers with the most effective professional development and so the choice and cost lies with each teacher to invest on their own. We truly believe this is an investment – in YOU! You deserve to have a classroom that runs smoothly so that you can do what you love – TEACH! The lessons and strategies we provide you with will go far beyond this year too. They help you manage your classroom effectively for years to come!

Ready to Invest in your BEST Year yet?