Fun Creepy Pair of Underwear Read-Aloud and Activities

Fun Creepy Pair of Underwear Read Aloud + Activities

Each year, when we’ve raech the half way mark for the year. I will ask my students what their favorite read-aloud It just so happens that it’s usually the creepy pairI saw that Aaron Reynolds released his new book Creepy Pair of Underwear,I ordered it right away. (I even paid full price for the hardcover. I promise I don’t do this very often.) I just h

ad to create creepy plans for this book after I read it. I know my students are going to love this book.

Creepy Pair of Underwear Read Aloud to  Meet Your Standards

When I create read-aloud lesson plans I always refer to the core standards. I make sure I hit all the core standards with our text dependent questions. If you want to read more about text dependent questions, you should read this blog post. I focus on a few standards with the graphic organizers and wrap up the lessons with a fun craftivity. I create lesson plans that will last 3 to 5 days.

When I plan lesson plans around the core standards, I pick a standard to focus on each day. For the key ideas and details standards I decided to made a graphic organizer on how Jasper tried to get rid of the creepy underwear and what the creepy underwear did. I will ask the key ideas and details text dependent questions and then students will complete the activity below. I include differentiated graphic organizers in our interactive read-alouds for each standard so teachers can pick the best options for their class.  I design several options because I know teachers use these lessons at different times in the school year, and all students have different abilities.  

For The second lesson I focus everything around the craft and structure core standards. I will ask the craft and structure text dependent questions and then dive deep in to the point of view of  Jasper and the point of view of the creepy underwear. Students love thinking about the point of view. This book is perfect because the point of view of the underwear isn’t obvious right away.

Creepy Pair of Underwear Integration of knowledge 

Integration of knowledge and ideas is the focus of the third lesson. I added some text dependent questions which compare the stories Creepy Pair of Underwear to Creepy Carrots. In our Creepy Carrots Interactive Read-aloud the students wrote how they would trick Jasper if they were the carrots. For the last activity in this book students will write what they would do if they were Jasper. Then they will create this cute Jasper craftivity to attach to their writing. This activity will make a really cute bulletin board.

Try our Creepy Pair of Underwear Read Aloud Lesson plan


If this sounds like something you would like to try with your class, we have made it easy for you!  We wrote all the text dependent questions (and answers!) as well as easy to follow detailed lesson plans to guide you through 4 days of activities. If you are not sure about purchasing anything just yet, you can download our Free Interactive Read-aloud here. We also have over 100 other read-alouds to choose from on our website if you are not ready to try Creepy Underwear. 



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