Elementary School Notes Taking Tips

Elementary School Notes Taking Tips

This strategy teaches even our youngest writers to take notes and write about text.  You will be blown away at the writing your students will produce after a couple of taking notes lessons. I like to use differentiated printable books so all students can easily read the text and be successfully take notes.  I also love integrating this strategy into science or social study units. When we were learning about continents I used  Printable Books About Continents and then taught the lessons that scaffold from teacher model to independent practice.

Teach elementary school students to take notes taking tips (without copying)

After your students find the important words from the text and compose sentences they can use their sentences to write paragraphs, research papers, make informational posters, etc… The possibilities are endless!
Here is another example:

  • I read the National Geographic Sea Turtles book.
  • I used sticky notes to write the important words.
  • Then I used the important words into sentences.

I just posted this writing about text strategy on our TPT store it includes detailed lessons that scaffold from teacher model to independent practice to show you exactly how I get my first graders writing about text. This can be used for any grade, just grab a more complex text!
Important Word Strategy on TPT

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