Can I Turn Halloween into Something Educational?

Halloween: Then & Now

As always, we try to maintain our focus to engage students in educational activities, even (and maybe especially) for the holidays. Halloween is no exception!

All teachers know that Halloween is such an exciting time for students.

If any of you are like me, I use to dread the week of Halloween because it sometimes felt like wasted learning time. Some of you might be skeptical that Halloween can be considered anything but fluff… Be skeptics no more!

With the goal to provide something worthwhile, meaningful, and educational, we have created standards-based, Halloween activities that do much more than just keep students busy.   Now, Halloween can become another great ‘holiday’ opportunity where teachers can put their students’ strong interest to good use.

So here it is…our non-scary, Halloween lesson plans.

This unit provides a printable, age-appropriate text that focuses on the historic origins of the holiday and compares Halloween traditions then and now. We also included a one page printable article and a projectable text that doesn’t require any printing.

You may also love that we have included an individual set of text dependent questions for each grade level in order to cover all of the CCSS ‘Reading Informational Text’ (RI) standards for your specific grade!

The lesson plan guides teachers as they help students to revisit the text in search of deeper information and take notes on a graphic organizer.

Students will then use their new knowledge to write their own informational text in a Halloween accordion book.

You can then have your students make this super cute witch that hold the Halloween accordion book. Students LOVE this!

Check out our other informational text lesson plans which are perfect for the month of October. 

This amazing & educational Halloween lesson plan is available for 1st-3rd and 4th-6th in our Shop. Please click on the images below to purchase your copy.

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