How to Support Young Researchers

Supporting Young Researchers in the classroom

My little learners are sponges when it comes to learning about informational topics. They just LOVE subjects like science, history, and social studies. And, I LOVE using their enthusiasm to my teacher advantage.

That’s right! I’ll take every opportunity to leverage my students’ interests along the way to achieving academic standards. Rocks, penguins, plants… if the class likes it- we study it!

Helping researchers in the classroom
The idea is simple.
  • Start with a topic your kiddos are really into
  • Find related texts to share
  • Research the topic by reading different sources
  • Record information from those texts
  • Report what was learned through writing

It’s a scaled down version of what upper grade students do all the time as they are given opportunities to take ownership of their learning.

1) The teacher supplies a bunch of texts and materials on a topic,

2) gives the students some research guidelines and a time frame,

and 3) sends them off to research, record, and report.

BAM! Independent learners. Seems pretty straightforward, right?

{Well, it’s not quite that simple with younger students.} I’ve encountered 2 major problems while trying to support my young researchers…

Problem #1- Compiling resources

Gathering enough books, articles, and other resources on the same topic is a headache, especially as you consider the time it takes to read through and “vet” every text. Compiling resources is soooooo inconvenient and time consuming for teachers.

Now, let’s say you’re one of the lucky few who has a plethora of themed-resources at your fingertips. You’ll probably still encounter this problem along the way:

Problem #2- Finding texts my students can actually read

Chances are highly likely that most texts you manage to track down will be too difficult for your young students to read and research on their own. There are just not enough themed resources out there with the readability to support our youngest learners. I’ve learned the hard way that locating a good variety of texts that my students can actually read independently is quite a nightmare.


Young students NEED the opportunity to be researchers on topics of high interest to them. Because they learn so many academic and social skills while participating in research, it just should not be an option to let these problems stop you! So, what to do?

We’ve solved both problems for you! Introducing our Text Packs for Young Researchers with printable full-color texts curated especially for your students: all the differentiated texts you need in one place, written at the right levels for your beginning readers, and at a price teachers can actually afford!

These text packs include everything needed to help your students research, record, and report! You’ll find:

Check out the topics we currently offer:

Text Pack on Rocks
Text Pack on penguins

The Core Coaches

Text pack on Rosa Parks
Text pack on Martin Luther King Jr.

What topics spark your students’ curiosity? Leave a comment below and let us know what text packs your young researchers would like to see next!