Mother Bruce Interactive Read-Aloud for Kindergarten and First Grade

 Mother Bruce Lesson Plans and Activities

Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

After reading the reviews I knew I had to get “Mother Bruce” by  Ryan T. Higgins.  He is a best selling author and his new book ‘Mother Bruce’ does not disappoint. In this story Bruce is a grumpy bear who doesn’t have time for anyone or anything except for eggs. He just loves to eat eggs. One day he gets goose eggs that hatch into goslings. The goslings imprint on him and he can’t get rid of them. You’ll have to read to find out what happens with Bruce and the goslings. You won’t be disappointed. This book will make you and your students laugh out loud and fall in love with the grumpy bear Bruce.Read-aloud lesson plans for kindergarten and first gradeAfter giggling through this story with my class we drew things Bruce didn’t like and one thing he did like… eggs! The students loved this activity. It was simple, but the story is what made it fun. We also answered some text dependent questions about the key ideas and details of the story. Learn more about the importance of requiring students to dive into the text to ensure they truly comprehend it here.



When I pulled the book out for the second read my students couldn’t wait to read it again. I asked text dependent questions on the craft and structure of the book. We used the questions to focus on how Bruce’s character changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. Then the students completed the graphic organizer below. Again it was a simple activity, but the students were really able to grasp the concept of how a character can change from the beginning to the end of a story. This was a great conversation starter for the students. I used conversation sticks to allow students to share with a partner a time they were grumpy but changed to feeling okay about something. Read more about my conversation sticks here. 

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For the final day reading ‘Mother Bruce’ we answered integration of knowledge and ideas text dependent questions and held a class discussion about Bruce’s favorite food. We brainstormed and charted the ingredients Bruce needed to make Hard Boiled Goose Eggs. I modeled how to make a shopping list and how to write a recipe for Hard Boiled Goose Eggs, then my students wrote their own shopping list and recipe card. 

I wrapped up this Mother Bruce read-aloud with a fun writing prompt and craftivity to hang on our bulletin board. There were so many fun ideas of what the students would do with the goslings. 

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