100th Day of School Kindergarten


Our 100th day of school activities make learning fun!

100th day of School Lessons Engage students in meaningful learning + fun!

Celebrate 100 days of school with our 100th day of School Lessons. Your students will engage in a variety of activities from math, reading, vocabulary and more.


100th Day School Lessons include themed activities

  • READING: “One Hundred Days of School” easy-reader with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students, and text-response questions with moveable pieces
  • WRITING: My 100 Days fill-in-the-blank sentences
  • COUNTING: Counting to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s activities with moveable pieces
  • ACTIVITY: Predicting amounts match with digital moveable pieces and writing page
  • ACTIVITY: I Spy counting and recording page with moveable digital pieces
  • ACTIVITY: Hundreds chart mystery picture
  • LITERACY: ‘One Hundred Ants’ storytelling video and story sequence activity with moveable digital pieces
  • SCIENCE: 100 drops of water prediction activity with video and reflection page with moveable digital piece
  • FITNESS: 100 exercises recording sheet with moveable digital pieces
  • ACTIVITY: Hundreds chart missing number
  • ACTIVITY: Match young and old photos with moveable pieces, and “Me at 100” drawing or describing page

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Pre-recorded Audio Notes

1- In case of districts blocking audio files, we include back-up mp3 files and instructions for manually inserting the audio into Google slides., 2 – The pre-recorded audio provided in the Seesaw platform does not have the same playback issues. Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.


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