5 Day Classroom Countdown to Winter Break for Upper Grades 4-6


This 5 Day Countdown to Winter break is full of winter-themed reading, writing, math, crafts and other fun activities:

•Gingerbread Day

•Kindness Day

•Penguin Day

•Reindeer Day

•Snow Day


5 Day Classroom Countdown to Winter Break Include:

Gingerbread Day

  • Literature Read-Aloud
  • Story Map and Compare/Contrast Writing Prompt
  • Create your Own Gingerbread Story
  • Create your Own Gingerbread Man Craftivity
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Roll-a-Gingerbread Man Activity
  • Math- Gingerbread Symmetry, Place Value practice page, and Guess My Number Game
  • Class Gingerbread-making Project
  • Gingerbread Dough

Kindness Day

  • Literature Read-Aloud
  • Lessons Learned or Sequencing response to reading sheet
  • Brainstorming Acts of Kindness
  • Acts of Kindness Color Sheet and Certificate
  • Acts of Kindness Pass-Along Cards
  • Kind Hands Craft
  • Kindness Alphabet book
  • Kindness Subtraction Game and Subtraction review pages

Penguin Day

  • Reading Informational Text
  • Writing Informational Text
  • Literature Read-Aloud and Literature activities
  • Math- Missing Addends or Unknown Factors sheets, Goodbye Penguins Addition game, Guess my Number/Factor game
  • Penguin Bingo
  • Penguin Art

Reindeer Day

  • Draw-to-Learn Activity
  • Reading Informational Reindeer Text and Note Taking
  • Writing Informational Reindeer Text
  • Reindeer ABC Order
  • Math- Addition or Multiplication 4 in a Row, Story problems
  • Reindeer Cup Craftivity
  • Reindeer Thumbprint Postcard

Snow Day

  • Snowflakes Facts Text
  • My Snowflake Report Writing
  • Snowman Fraction worksheet and Quiz-Quiz-Trade game
  • Paper Snowball Fight
  • Snowflake Crafts
  • Literature or Informational Read-Aloud and Graphic Organizer
  • Snowman Glyph


Also, winter countdown is available for 1st -3rd grades

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