Attention Getters for Classroom (Editable)



With our ATTENTION GETTERS, you’ll create a structured and energetic way to engage students. As a bonus, you’ll positively influence classroom culture!


Classroom Attention Getters help you to create a structured and energetic way to engage students! With these fun attention grabbers, you’ll positively influence your classroom culture. An attention getter starts with an action initiated by the teacher that is followed by a reaction from the students. Many of these ATTENTION GETTERS follow a call and response pattern where the teacher gives a specific phrase and students respond in unison with the desired response.

Examples of Classroom Attention Getters

  • Teacher says, “E.T.” and the students respond, “Phone home.”
  • Teacher says, “Freeze!” Students stop in place and say, “Everybody, clap your hands!” then clap 7 times.
  • Teacher says, “Brush your teeth.” Students use pointer fingers as pretend tooth brushes and say, “ch, ch, ch, ch” in a rhythm.


Teachers, here’s what you’ll get in the Attention Getter Download

  • Teacher “At a Glance” sheets
  • Printable squares to create a classroom chart, ring, or bulletin board
  • Editable template to digitally create your own printable attention signals
  • Larger cards to create an attention signal banner or display
  • Sound clip examples of attention getters
  • **To line up two-sided horizontal page layouts during printing, you may need to select the ‘short-edge binding’ printer setting option.**
  • Multiple ways to use and display ATTENTION-GETTERS.

3 reviews for Attention Getters for Classroom (Editable)

  1. Michelle M (verified owner)

    My students and I just love these! They couldn’t wait to see what the next one would be to learn. I love them because they are fun and simple. Plus, there are so many options with this set. Thank you!

  2. Julie P (verified owner)

    I was tired of the call backs that I have been using for years. This was fun to look through all of them and find a few fun ones I can use throughout the year to freshen things up.

  3. Amanda S. (verified owner)

    This is a great resource. I like the way the attention getters are divided into categories for specific needs. Excellent product!

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