Back to School Worksheets


Simple team building activities will help build classroom community the first week of school.

These printable or projectable team building activities provide instructions for simple team building activities to build classroom community. Choose from 20 team-building activities that help students learn to work together, listen carefully, practice patience and perseverance, communicate effectively, build trust, take turns participating, and think creatively. They also give your students the chance to get to know each other and build trust.


During these activities, students learn what each other’s strengths and weaknesses are and how those can be beneficial when the group is working together to accomplish a shared goal. Teachers will need to help make the connection from team-building activities to classroom work. When this is done correctly, there will be fewer disagreements during group projects since students will know how to express how they are feeling to their group members, and your classroom will seem like a more peaceful and productive environment.


Team builders can be stand-alone activities accomplished throughout the day or they can be embedded into your lesson plans. Many team builders are designed to be quick and can be completed inside the classroom. It is easy to find ways to tie the team building activity into the content that you are teaching when students are asked to collaborate on a project. This simple practice will have an immediate impact on classroom culture.


These activities can be printed with the icons for students on one side and written instructions on the other side. They can also be projected.


Download Includes:

  • 20 colored printable team building activities
  • 20 black and white printable team building activities
  • 20 colored projectable activities
  • Link to 20 Google Slides with activities slides preloaded



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