Calm Down Corner Choice Cards


A Mindful Calm Down Corner can help students practice mindfulness and give them permission to pause, breathe, and calm down in the classroom.

In this Mindful Calm Down Corner resource, we provide engaging and calming social emotional learning activities to help your students prepare to learn and focus throughout the school day. You will find everything you need to implement a calm down corner.

This resource contains calm down activities that target students’ social and emotional learning. Download preview to get a better look at what’s included.

Our Calm Down Corner activities include:

•Hands-On Breathing Cards

•File Folder Breathing Mats

•Calm Down Dough Mats

•Pom Pom Puzzles

•Pattern Block Mosaic Mats

•Stepping Stones Cards

•Emotions Poster (multiple options)

•Mindful Calm Down Posters (multiple options)

•Feeling Circle Choices (adjustable to any size)

•Calm Down Activity Circle Choices (adjustable to any size)

•”I Feel…” headings (adjustable to any size)

•”I Can…” headings (adjustable to any size)

***All of the printable activities (in packet) are included in the activity circle choices. We added more calm down activities as circle choices that are optional and may require additional materials not included in packet.

Check out our Mindfulness at Home resource which can easily be implemented at home to help families incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, or to use in moments when children are struggling and need a mindful break.

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