Christmas Tree Themed Digital Activities


No prep, Christmas Tree themed digital activities to engage your students in meaningful learning mixed with fun!

Christmas Tree Themed Digital Activities


  • READING: “Christmas Trees: Then and Now” text with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students
  • RESPONDING TO TEXT: Then and Now sort and note-taking response sheet
  • ACTIVITY: Decorate ‘Christmas Tree: Now’ and ‘Christmas Tree: Then’ with moveable pieces
  • ACTIVITY: Christmas Tress Around the World infographic with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students
  • ACTIVITY: Match Christmas Trees Around the World with moveable pieces
  • ACTIVITY: Watch ‘Why do we have Christmas Trees?’ (video linked to YouTube) and story elements matching activity with moveable pieces
  • MATH: Story Problems (differentiated)
  • READING ACTIVITY: Listen to a read-aloud of ‘Mooseltoe’ (story linked to YouTube) and sequencing activity with moveable parts


  • A link to the activities above, digitally created in Google Slides
  • A link to the activities above, digitally created in Seesaw
  • Teacher overview of activities
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to assign the activities to students in Seesaw and a video tutorial for assigning through Google Slides.
  • ***Google slides graphic organizers have text boxes for students to type.
  • ***Seesaw has many interactive tools to choose from. Text boxes are not pre-loaded on the graphic organizers because students may want to type or draw, which they can easily do with the provided tools in the program.

Do you need the Christmas Tree themed printable?

An important note about pre-recorded audio:

  • We have pre-recorded the audio in Google Slides so the text can be read aloud to students. Some districts block audio files they do not own, meaning the audio may not play for your students on this platform. In this case, we have no way to alter your district’s settings. While the audio enhances the student’s experience in the learning quest, students are able to complete the activities without it. As another note, the pre-recorded audio provided in the Seesaw platform does not have the same playback issues. Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.


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