Classroom Management Strategies Bundle

Teachers, do you secretly wonder how your 1st and 2nd grade students would rate your Classroom Management if given the opportunity?

You can easily build a strong classroom community with our fun, yet educational Classroom Management Strategies. Our activities make students feel like they’re ‘playing a game’ that lasts throughout the entire school year! And while you have more fun with your students, you’ll also begin to effortlessly transform your classroom.



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Active Listener Lesson Plan


Respect Lesson Plan + Actitives - Blurting Out


making good choices lesson plan


Shout Out Sloth


Tattling Classroom Lesson Plan


Introducing Behavior Buddies Classroom Strategies

Our classroom behavior buddies series will transform your first week of school by kicking off the year by building classroom community with your new class. With our classroom behavior buddies, we’ve developed read aloud stories and activities to introduce the “buddies” to the students. Each of the buddies represents a key characteristic:

  • Active Listening
  • Being Respectful
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Shout-Outs & Blurting
  • Tattling vs. Reporting

How Behavior Buddies Classroom Management Strategies Work:

As a class you’ll learn about the behavior buddy’s characteristic through a read aloud and predesigned activities. The read aloud stories help both students and teachers to remember the behavior. Also, both teachers and students can refer to the ‘buddies’ throughout the year.

Behavior Buddies Classroom Management Strategies Work Better than Traditional Tactics

We’ve tested these in our classroom and found students loved the stories and related activities. Also, once students get familiar with each behavior buddy, they are able to quickly recognize the behavior. As a result, it is super easy to reference the learning throughout the school year by communicating to students when you see positive behavior. Plus, the referencing of a character adds in a layer of fun. For example, you may say “Be a Good Gorilla” or “Don’t be a Tattling Toucan” when you want to promote positive behavior in students. Additionally, this Behavior Buddies Classroom Management Strategies resource reinforces the lessons learned from the classroom activities.


Read Aloud to Introduce Students to Behaviors, All-Year-Long Activities to Remind Students

Each animal learns how to behave in school in the read-aloud. After reading the read-aloud story, complete the behavior sort and make an anchor chart as a class. Then, students complete the writing activity. We also included printable behavior buddy posters to create a bulletin board you can reference all year long!

  • Good Gorilla
  • Tattling Toucan
  • Listening Llama
  • Respectful Rooster
  • Shout-Out Sloth




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