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Purchase now for deeply discounted price only available for a limited time! The price will increase on October 13th! This course is designed to help you create a classroom environment that effectively manages itself through building community, engagement, and several other positive practices that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I ditch the rules long ago?!”

Strategies to Transform your Classroom Management Plan

Classroom  Management: When the Rules Aren’t Working is an online course designed to transform your classroom management beyond the rules. It’s designed to help you create a classroom environment that effectively manages itself through building community, engagement, and several other positive practices that will make you wonder, “Why didn’t I ditch the rules long ago?!” 

How long does the course take? 

As classroom teachers ourselves, we knew this course needed one thing that was an absolute MUST – the ability to work WITH your schedule! We strongly believe that your choice to invest time to continue your professional learning shouldn’t take time away from your life outside of teaching. 

This course includes 6 modules in total. Each module consists of 4 mini lessons. Each mini lesson covers content in 10 minutes or less- just enough time to give you the most important theory and experiences behind each topic AND introduce you to several strategies you can use in your classroom immediately! 

You heard us right – we include SEVERAL of our best classroom management resources (plus new, exclusive suggestions and resources) in every module! 

Along with amazing resources, this course is completely SELF-PACED! You choose the best day & even the best time of day for a 10 minute lesson. 

We want you to have plenty of time to watch, listen, and reflect on a lesson. We recommend giving yourself at least one week between each module. That way, you’ll have a full week to explore the 4 mini lessons in the module AND implement a few new strategies in your classroom.

Who is the course for? 

If you are a 1st grade, 2nd grade, or 3rd grade teacher, then this course is for you!

What topics do the 6 Modules cover? 

Release Date:  October 6th (purchase now and instantly download module 1) 

Module 1: Establishing positive relationships

  • Lesson 1: Teacher to Student Relationships
  • Lesson 2: Whole Class Relationships
  • Lesson 3: Student to Student Relationships
  • Lesson 4: The Challenging Student Relationships

Release Date:  October 20th (purchase now and instantly download module 2) 

Module 2 : Creating Positive Classroom Environment

  • Lesson 1: Classroom Layout
  • Lesson 2:  Student Created Spaces
  • Lesson 3: Organized and Clean Classroom
  • Lesson 4: Student Ownership and Responsibility

Release Date: November 3rd

Module 3: Making Routines & Procedures Effective

  • Lesson 1: Explicitly Teach Procedures
  • Lesson 2: Student Transitions- Movement
  • Lesson 3: Student Transitions- Supplies
  • Lesson 4: Procedures for Daily Routines

Release Date: November 17th

Module 4: Student Engagement

  • Lesson 1: Opportunities to Respond 
  • Lesson 2: Checking for Understanding 
  • Lesson 3: Mixing-up Instruction
  • Lesson 4: Break Things Up!

Release Date: December 1st

Module 5: Student Accountability and Ownership

  • Lesson 1: Student Reflection- Behavior
  • Lesson 2: Student Reflection- Academic
  • Lesson 3: Student Data Collection
  • Lesson 4: Student Led Activities 

Release Date: December 15th

Module 6: Time Management 

  • Lesson 1: Prioritizing time – don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Lesson 2: Stick to your schedule 
  • Lesson 3: Use time effectively when teaching students how to work independently so actually have time to teach during small groups 
  • Lesson 4: Teaching is all about Time Management – put in time now it will save you time later. 

What is this course valued at? 

Expertise and instruction from 4 educators with Master’s Degrees and over 50 years of experience!

Course Instructional Videos: Valued at over $300.00

The FREE resource downloads that are included with this course are valued at 29.00 per module!

Module Handouts: Valued at over $180.00

Coaching and Reflection Strategies 

Personal Growth: Valued at over $120.00

Connect with the Core Coaches

You’ll also get added to our PRIVATE FACEBOOK group when you join which is a great place to connect with other teachers in the course! You will also connect with The Core Coaches to share your experience or ask questions.

Who we are:

We are four educators with Master’s Degrees and together we have over 50 years of experience at the classroom, school, and district level. We’ve taught our students in several diverse school settings across all types of communities: in Title 1, public, private and charter schools from grades K through High School. We’ve been classroom and school coaches and have had many opportunities to present at school and state PD as well as professional conferences. Over the years, we’ve compiled our most effective strategies based on our own successes and failures in classroom management. One common thing we’ve all come to realize, is – the “rules” often don’t work. Now as coaches, we want to share what we have learned about going beyond the rules to  manage the classroom so you can have your best school year yet!

Additional information


3-4 short videos in each course


Reflection exercises to help you imrpove on individual areas


We include interactive resources you can immediately start using in your in-person or virtual classroom.

Learn from experts

We are coaches & teachers with 50 years combined teaching experience

Don't break the bank

As teachers, we understand that you did not become a teacher for the money. That's why we always aim to offer the lowest price possible.


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