Compliment Cards for Students



These Compliment Cards are designed to spread kindness, encouragement, and positivity throughout your classroom.

Compliment Cards for Students Learning Activity Download:

  • 36 colored printable Compliment Cards
  • 36 black and white printable Compliment Cards
  • Link to 10 Compliment Cards preloaded to Google Slides so students can share, print, or email the digital compliments.

How to students compliment cards?

Teachers can give cards to students AND students can give cards to each other. Encourage students to store their compliments at thier desk or cubby. Throughout the school year, students can save in an envelope, small box, or on a ring. Teachers can encourage students to give compliment cards throughout the year.

Create a Positive Classroom Culture for Your Students with our Compliment Cards

Your Elementary Students will love our Compliment Cards! When your students learn how to give compliments to classmates, they’re learning how to share kindness, encouragement, and positivity.   Teachers who have used positive activities like compliment cards, are more likely to have more positive relationships among students. Also, students and teachers may also improve their relationships. The positivity creates a class that is able to easily work together as a team. As a result, students feel a more positive classroom culture.

Compliment Cards Printing Notes*

  • When printing, to line up two-sided vertical page layouts during printing, you may need to select the ‘short-edge binding’ printer setting option.



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