Digital Formative Assessment: Checking for Understanding


This Digital Formative Assessment resource provides 21 easy-to-implement formative assessment and self- reflection strategies that check for understanding. Each formative assessment strategy comes in a printable or digital format perfect for your blended or hybrid learning model!

This resource includes 21 formative assessment strategies and:

  • Overview for teachers
  • At-a-glance sheets
  • Teacher reference cards
  • Projectable instruction slides for students
  • Printable materials and posters
  • Photographs of the strategies in action


Strategies are compatible with Google Slides and includes these DIGITAL items:

  • Digital individual student response slides (for 1:1 technology classrooms)
  • Digital group student response slides (for distance learning)
  • Instruction slides for students


Formative assessment strategies are an awesome tool because:

They offer an informal way for teachers and students to track what students understand throughout a lesson in relation to the learning target/objective.


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