Editable Morning Greeting Signs • Morning Greeting Choices • Digital & Printable

***Updated to include 11 NEW no-touch options and JPEGS for virtual greetings***

These morning greeting choices will immediately impact your classroom culture! Post these morning greeting signs on your classroom door as teacher or a student greeter warmly welcomes classmates as students choose their morning greeting when entering the room. You can also post them in any virtual classroom setting.




Greeting students in the morning will set a positive tone each day. Help your students feel welcome and safe the moment they arrive! Best of all, these morning greeting signs will help strengthen relationships by offering choices, and by providing an opportunity for brief chit-chat and personal connections.

The Morning Greeting Signs resource includes multiple color or black and white morning greeting sign options. It is also editable, so you can create your own custom greeting signs. JPEGS are included for virtual greetings. ***You must have Powerpoint to edit the pages in the file.

These morning greeting choices signs are available in other languages.


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