End of School Year Countdown Themed Activities for 3-4



This end of year countdown will save your sanity! When all of your text books and supplies are put away, this survival kit contains EVERYTHING you need to survive the last two weeks of school. Each day includes lesson plans, activities, and printables for reading, writing, math, science, art, and additional fun activities that will be sure to fill the entire day.

We combined the perfect amount of educational activities and projects that will keep students engaged and excited to come to school until that last bell rings for summer break.

***Kits also available for grades grades 1-2, and grades 5-6.***

To prepare for the 10 Days Survival Kit you will need some type of container to store each day’s materials. We purchased 10 gift boxes from Amazon and glued the printable suitcase label on each box. You can also use shirt boxes, gift bags, or plastic bins.

The read-aloud books are not included. Check out your local and school libraries. These books are just suggestions. You can also choose your own books that go along with the daily theme.

Visit our blog to read more about the 10 Days Until Summer Survival Kit.

Detailed Description of Contents:

Survival Kit 1- Summer Safety Day

Reading: Safety Text Cards, Read-Aloud, Safety Tips Graphic Organizer
Writing: Summer Safety Flip Book
Math: Time for Sunscreen- Intervals of Time
Science: Sunscreen Exploration
Art: Sun-melted Recycled Crayons
Additional Activities: Pool Safety Posters, Sunscreen Commercial, Safety Word Search, Summer Safety Charades
Survival Kit 2 -Weather Day

Reading: Choose an informational weather book from your classroom library OR Jigsaw activity with included passages
Writing: Nonfiction Notes (a variety of options are included)
Math: Unknown Factors- “Guess My Factor” Game and Skill Review Worksheet
Science: Making Lightning, Making Thunder, Making Rainbows
Art: Resist Painting
Additional Activities: Weather Bingo, Sounds of a Thunderstorm
Survival Kit 3- Germ Day

Reading: The Gist on Germs text, Read-Aloud, Note-taking, and Text Comparison
Writing: Germ Summary, Handwashing Poster
Math: Multiplying Germ Growth
STEM Science: Growing Germs
Art: Create—a—Germ
Additional Activities: Spreading Germs, Handwashing Practice, Clean the Classroom
Survival Kit 4- National Parks Day

Reading: National Park Research and Note-taking
Writing: Postcard
Math: Fraction Skill Review Worksheets
Science: Make Your Own Geyser or Volcano
Art: National Park Tear Art
Additional Activities: Board Game, National Parks Map Symbol Match, Travel Brochure
Survival Kit 5- Aeronautics Day

Reading: Read-Aloud and Fact Graphic Organizer
Writing: Acrostic Poem, Flying Machine Invention
Math: Geometry Review Worksheets
STEM Science: Build a Rocket
Art: Hot Air Balloon
Additional Activities: Paper Airplane Contest, Aeronautics Memory, and Flight Movie
Survival Kit 6- Game Day

Reading: Sportsmanship or Sport Read-Aloud and “Lesson Learned” or “Sports” Graphic Organizer
Writing: “How to” Booklet
Math: Favorite Sports Graphing
STEM Science: Trash Basket Toss
Art: Design a Team Jersey
Additional Activities: Play a sport as a class, Board games, Tabletop Football
Survival Kit 7- Nature Day

Reading: Read-Aloud, Text Dependent Questions, and Graphic Organizer
Writing: Survival Packing List
Math: Coordinate Plane and Ordered Pairs with Leaves
Science: Create a Sundial
Art: Nature Name
Additional Activities: Scavenger Hunt, Nature Journal, Campfire Songs
Survival Kit 8- Summer Holidays Day

Reading: Summer Holiday Fact Cards, Note-taking
Writing: Summer Holidays Tab Book
Math: Skill Review Worksheet
Science: Fizzing Fireworks
Art: Firework Line Drawing
Additional Activities: Word Scramble, All About Fireworks Research, Paul Revere Tag, Red. White, and Blue Tag
Survival Kit 9- Water Day

Reading: Water Read-Aloud and Graphic Organizers
Writing: Water- Fun Factoid Accordion Book
Math: Measuring Volume
STEM Science: Filtering Water
Art: Watercolor Design
Additional Activities: Water games, Evaporating Handprint, Boat Float
Survival Kit 10- Reflection Day

Reading: Summer Slump Article, Goal Setting
Writing: Diamante Poem, Friendly Letter
Math: Word Problems, Color by Number Review Sheet
Science: Friendship Ice Cream
Art: My Part Mural Art
Additional Activities: Year in Review, Friend Scavenger Hunt


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