End of Year Reflection

Download our End of Year Reflection themematic unit where students will explore summer goals, conquer end of year story problems,  watch Last Day Blues Read-Aloud Video (YouTube) and more!


End of Year Reflection


We combined the perfect amount of educational digital activities and projects that will keep students engaged and excited to come to school until that last bell rings for summer break. This resource is preloaded to Google Slides and SeeSaw. One click links are provided for the activities on both platforms making it easy to assign to students digitally.

Please view the video preview to take a closer look at included activities.

These digital End-of-Year Reflection themed activities includes:

  • READING: “Summer Slide” with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students.
  • RESPONDING TO TEXT: Will it Drain your Brain sort with moveable pieces
  • WRITING: My Summer Goals
  • GRAMMAR: School Nouns, Verbs, and Adjective sort with moveable pieces
  • WRITING: End-of-Year Diamante Poem
  • ACTIVITY: Write a Friendly Letter
  • MATH: End-of-Year Story Problems
  • ACTIVITY: Last Day Blues Read-Aloud Video linked to YouTube
  • ACTIVITY: End-of-year Review and Looking ahead to next year
  • ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES: 100’s chart mystery picture


Additional information

Learning Type

Distance Learning, Hybrid (or blended), Traditional Classroom

Resource Type

Google Slides, Printable, SeeSaw

Pre-recorded Audio Notes

1- In case of districts blocking audio files, we include back-up mp3 files and instructions for manually inserting the audio into Google slides., 2 – The pre-recorded audio provided in the Seesaw platform does not have the same playback issues. Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.


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