Life Cycles of Animal Lesson Plan Bundle

This resource is a favorite among students as they learn about the life cycles of a butterfly, a frog, a chicken and a ladybug!



Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Life cycle of a Frog

Life Cycle of a Lady Bug

Life cycles of a chicken

These self-directed learning quests guide students through digital independent research activities on lifecycles of animals. For each topic, students listen to or read a text, complete activities, watch video clips, write, and submit answers to a quiz.


Please view the video preview to take a closer look at the included activities.


For each lifecycle, this learning quest resource includes:

  • Informational texts with pre-recorded audio that can read the texts aloud to students
  • Labeling life cycle activities with movable pieces
  • Links or QR codes to video clips (videos linked to YouTube)
  • Analyzing photograph activities
  • Labeled diagram and vocabulary activities with movable pieces
  • Writing responses
  • Lifecycle Quiz Assessments


You will also receive these digital resources for each lifecycle:

  • A link to the activities above, digitally created as a learning quest in Google Slides
  • A link to the activities above, digitally created as a learning quest in Seesaw
  • A link to a self-grading quiz compatible with Google Forms


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