making good choices lesson plan


Making good choices lesson plan and Good Gorilla are part of our classroom behavior buddy series.

Make Good Choices Lesson Plan

Good Gorilla is part of our classroom behavior buddy series. Good Gorilla learns how to make good choices in this cute story. We know your students will love these activities and quickly learn why it’s important to make good choices. Once students get to know this behavior buddy, it is so easy to reference the positive behavior you are seeking throughout the year. Simply say “Be a Good Gorilla” and they will quickly remember the lessons they learned from these classroom activities. Students will fall in love with this behavior buddy!

Make Good Choices Lesson Plan with ways to use

  • Good Gorilla Read-Aloud (digital and printable)
  • Good Gorilla Printable Puppets
  • Printable Good Gorilla Anchor Chart
  • Be a Good Gorilla writing page (3 printable options included, 1 digital option)
  • Printable Good Gorilla Behavior Poster (3 printable options included, 1 digital)

*Everything has a colored and black and white printable option.

Serious about Classroom Community? Make Your Class More Enjoyable with our Classroom Strategies Bundle

  • If you’re series about your classroom, we’d recoomend you download the Classroom Management Srategies Bundle – Behavior Buddies.
  • This resource can use this at the new school year, and for many years after!
  • What makes it the resource so great, is the effortlessness by both teacher and students. You’ll naturally, but suddenly observe your student sentiment improving. Plus, the resource has been classroom-tested and student-approved!
  • Warning! Our students really loved the activities!!



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