Map Skills Unit Learning Activities


Mapping Skills Learning Quest

This Mapping Skills Learning Quest provides research activities that guide students through independent learning about maps. Students listen to or read the texts, complete interactive activities, watch a video clip, write in response to learning, and submit answers to a quiz.

Please view the video preview to take a closer look at included activities.

This Map Skills Unit Learning Activities  includes:

  • Focus Activity: Bird’s eye view
  • Informational texts with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students
  • Note catchers
  • Label the parts of a map activity
  • Identify map symbols activity
  • Match map keys to maps activity
  • Cardinal directions infographic and activity
  • Bird’s eye view activity
  • Map grid infographic and activity
  • Reading a map review
  • Links and QR code to video clip (video linked to YouTube)
  • Writing responses
  • Mapping skills quiz


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