Mindful Breathing Cards


Have you heard the buzz about mindfulness & meditation in schools? Mindful Breathing is one of the most immediate and effective strategies to calm anxiety and stress. It can also be a great way to bring students’ attention back to learning as they learn how to refocus when they are distracted. Mindful Breathing exercises can be used at any time throughout the day.  We have found it helpful to practice Mindful Breathing before each class, class period, or subject. These exercises are effective when preparing for a quiz or test, or when persevering during a task.  They can be planned as a regular part of the daily schedule or added in as needed.


These Mindful Breathing Cards will help establish a pattern to focus, refocus, energize, or calm your students during the day.


Mindful Breathing

  • •12 breathing exercises
  • •Projectable slides or printable posters for each breath
  • •Teacher direction cards
  • •Bulletin board displays
  • •Instructional videos for each breath
  • •Breathing slides preloaded to Google Slides with instructional videos linked