Mindful Communication Activities


These printable Mindful Communication Activities will teach students how to be present during classroom conversation and beyond.

Give your students the tools they need to focus on the current moment using body, heart, and mind. When students are engage in our Mindful Communication Activities they’re taught to display a deeper awareness in the moment. These activities allow them to listen as they concentrate their whole attention on what a speaker is saying and respond thoughtfully.

These Mindful Communication activities are great any time students are speaking and listening. For example, we like to use these activies during morning meeting, small group instruction, sharing, or other times when you want students to have meaningful conversations)

We have created a set of 6 Mindful Communication printable protocols (differentiated for upper and lower grades). The file has 2 different options for printing.

Check out our Mindfulness at Home resource which can easily be implemented at home to help families incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, or to use in moments when children are struggling and need a mindful break.