Mindful Movement Bundle


Mindful Movements take a few short minutes and can be done in the classroom next to tables or desks. Children need breaks in order to stay engaged and focused with learning. Movement Movement breaks encourage a physical & mental break from learning, as well as help students stay focused during shorter laser-focused learning periods. We find that students can focus better after recharging and by knowing there will be another opportunity to move.


We suggest these Mindful Movement breaks be taken multiple times a day. They can be planned or spontaneous breaks. Mindful Movements can occur at natural transitions, between subjects, or can be planned as part of your schedule. It can be helpful to set a timer for a set work period to take a planned break. Or, simply take a Mindful Movement break when students need one.


Mindful Movement Bundle Include:

Movement Cards:

•12 themed movement sequences

•Printable posters for each movement sequence

•Printable Cards

•Printable Spinner and 6 movement choice board

•Bulletin board displays

•Instruction videos for each movement sequences

•Movement slides preloaded to Google Slides with instructional videos linked


Mindful Yoga Cards:

•15 Printable Yoga Movements Cards

•Yoga slides preloaded to Google Slides


Energizing Brain Breaks

•12 Printable Colored Energizing Brain Break Cards

•12 Printable Black and White Energizing Brain Break Cards

•12 Projectable slides or printable posters for each energizer

•12 Energizer slides preloaded to Google Slides