Mindful Yoga Cards


Mindful Yoga gives kids an opportunity to take a heathy break from the hustle and bustle of the day. A Mindful yoga brain break allow kids to slow down, connect with themselves, and relax. Yoga allows students to become aware of their bodies through movement and breathing.


Children need breaks in order to stay engaged and focused with learning. These Yoga Cards encourage a physical & mental break from learning, as well as help students stay focused during shorter laser-focused learning periods. We find that students can focus better after recharging and by knowing there will be another opportunity to move.


Included in Mindful Yoga Cards:

•15 Printable Yoga Movements Cards

•Yoga slides preloaded to Google Slides


These Yoga Cards are meant to be used anytime during the school day or class period. These quick and easy activities take as little as 5 minutes to implement. The biggest benefit is that they are adaptable to YOUR classroom! You may choose to implement a Yoga break once a day or multiple times throughout the day.


Check out our Mindfulness at Home resource which can easily be implemented at home to help families incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines, or to use in moments when children are struggling and need a mindful break.