Penguin Text Pack Freebie


Try a FREEBIE from our Penguin Animal Research pack.

 This is just a sample of our fun and engaging printable texts resource that your young researchers will actually be able to read! Each text type has differentiated levels to support every reader in your class.

This text pack includes everything your students need to complete a research project on penguins.

Full-Color Penguin Texts

• Leveled student readers (4 levels)

• Mentor texts (2 versions)

• Penguin labeled diagrams (3 versions)

• Post cards (4 levels)

• Trading cards (4 levels)

• Up-Close article: Emperor Penguins (4 levels)

Note Catchers

• General topic page (1 option)

• 4 box organizers (2 options)

• Tree map (4 options)

Writing Pages

• Tab book (2 options)

• 1 page summary (10 options)

• Informational cards (2 options)

• Flip book (1 option)

• Folded brochure (2 options)

• Labeled diagram (1 option)

plus, a teacher’s guide!


Don’t waste anymore time trying to track down texts for your penguins research project. We provide all the differentiated texts you need in one place and written at the right levels for the readers in your classroom. {At about the same cost of just 1 or 2 classroom books, this pack is a bargain!}. Check out our Penguins Research Pack here.


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