Physical Science Learning Quest: Matter, Magnets, Force and Motion, and Energy

Students study all about States of Matter, Magnets, Foraces and Motion, and Forms of Energy in this Physical Science Learning Quest.

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These Learning Quests provide research activities that guide students through independent learning about:

Forms of Energy: heat, light, and sound
States of Matter: solid, liquid, and gas
Force & Motion
Students listen to or read the texts, complete interactive activities, watch a video clip, write in response to learning, and submit answers to a quiz.

Please view the video preview for each topic to take a closer look at the included activities.

These learning quest resources include:

Focus activity
Informational texts with pre-recorded audio that can read aloud to students
Note-taking sheets to record learning from the texts
Variety of interactive learning activities with moveable pieces
Links and QR codes to video clip (videos linked to YouTube)
Writing responses
Quizzes for each topic


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