Printable Penguin Day FREEBIE


Try one of our printable countdown days for FREE! Whether you are counting down to Christmas, winter break, or just want to change up your classroom routine, you can teach about penguins for a day.  Impress your principal, parents, and even yourself as students engage in both fun and learning right up until the last bell rings! We’ve got you covered!

This freebie includes a grades 1-3 resource and a resource for grades 4-6.

Penguin Day Includes: 

Reading Informational Text

Writing Informational Text

Literature Read-Aloud and Literature activities

Math- Missing Addends or Unknown Factors sheets, Goodbye Penguins Addition game, Guess my Number/Factor game

Penguin Bingo

Penguin Art

We have 12 additional days. Check them out here.


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