Sedimentary Rock Lesson Plan


This Sedimentary Rocks Learning Quest provides research activities that guide students through independent learning about sedimentary rocks. Students listen to or read the texts, complete interactive activities, watch a video clip, write in response to learning, and submit answers to a quiz. This unit can be completed as a class or individually.

About Sedimentary Rock Lesson Plan

Students can be self-directed as they independently complete the learning quest activities and turn them in digitally. These activities can be completed as traditional classroom lessons, small-group work, centers, or this is also a great resource for fast finishers.

Sedimentary Rock Lesson Plan Teaches Students with These Activities

  • Notice and Wonder focus activity
  • Informational texts with pre-recorded audio that can be read aloud to students
  • Note catchers for taking notes
  • Ways we use Sedimentary Rocks? sorting activity with moveable pieces
  • Sedimentary Rock Vocabulary with moveable pieces
  • Move the Sedimentary rocks into the rock collection with Moveable Pieces
  • Rock Hardness Scale activity
  • Fossils Infographic
  • Links and QR code to a Sedimentary Rock video clip (video linked to YouTube)
  • Writing responses
  • Sedimentary Rock Quiz


Additional information

grade level

1st grade, 2nd grade

Pre Recorded Audio

1- In case of districts blocking audio files, we include back-up mp3 files and instructions for manually inserting the audio into Google slides., 2 – The pre-recorded audio provided in the Seesaw platform does not have the same playback issues. Please take this into consideration before making your purchase.

Resource Type

Google Slides, Printable, SeeSaw


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