STEM build a playground lesson plans


This Back to School STEM challenge is designed to help your students think outside the box and learn how the world works. This Playground STEM challenge helps students explore the engineering design process using common materials.

The STEM Process:

Present the STEM challenge: Work with your partner/group to build a playground fixture that is both safe and fun. Then students imagine, explore, reimagine, plan, create & test, improve, reflect, and evaluate their designs.

Materials Needed

We’ve included a list for material recommendations, but this challenge can be done with materials you have on hand, such as paper, pipe cleaners, cups, popsicle sticks, string, scissors, cotton balls, cardboard, rubber bands, glue, and tape.

Download Includes:

Step-by-Step lesson plans
STEM Challenge worksheets for each step of the design process
Printable templates for design enhancements
Vocabulary Cards
Explore science connections with QR codes and an infographic
Materials List
Ask Poster
STEM Challenge Poster
Recording Sheets
Engineering Design Process posters
Self/Group Evaluation Checklist
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