Affirmations | Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning


The social emotional curriculum for elementary school students is important. That’s why we’ve developed The Mindful Affirmations resource offers positive affirmation activities that give students opportunities to manage their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. These activities are quick and easy to use and we’ve provided everything a busy teacher needs to implement positive affirmation activities in the classroom.

This bundle contains 7 positive affirmation activities that focus on social and emotional learning, including: Shape Affirmations, Affirmation Deck  including 3 deck versions Affirmation Bracelets, Affirmation Fortune Teller, Affirmation Desk Tents, Pencil Flag Affirmations and Affirmation Journal Pages.

This resource targets social emotional learning through mindfulness activities that will support your students' academic, social, and emotional success as they focus on positive self-talk.

The Mindful Affirmations bundle contains 7 positive affirmation activities that target students' social and emotional learning.

  • Shape Affirmations (9 options plus 3 affirmation reference cards)
  • Affirmation Deck (3 deck versions)
  • Affirmation Bracelets (3 versions)
  • Affirmation Fortune Teller (4 versions)
  • Affirmation Desk Tents (12 versions)
  • Pencil Flag Affirmations (3 versions)
  • Affirmation Journal Pages (9 journal pages plus 3 "My Affirmation" pages)

Also included:

  •  JPEGS so you can upload to Google Slides, Seesaw, and Powerpoint
  •  Introduction for teachers
  •  Supply list
  •  Set-up and printing instructions
  •  Bin labels for management and organization