Last Day Blues Digital Read-Aloud


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These lesson plans will guide you through 3-5 daily read aloud last day blues interactive lessons.

Perfect for your blended or hybrid learning model!

This printable or digital read-aloud lesson plan pack includes rigorous text dependent questions, differentiated graphic organizers, response to text writing activities including a craftivity, and detailed lesson plans to help you meet several core standards while maintaining your tradition of reading aloud for pleasure. You will guide students to use evidence from the text to deepen their understanding of the story and respond in meaningful ways.

These lesson plans will guide you through 3-5 daily interactive reading lessons. Each day students will interact with the book for a different purpose and then complete a corresponding activity.

To teach these lessons you will need:
Last Day Blues by Julie Danneberg

This lesson plan pack includes:
- Detailed Lesson Plan with Examples
- Text Dependent Questions
- Key Ideas and Details Graphic Organizer
- Point of View Graphic Organizer
- Writing Paper
- Kid Craftivity Instructions
- Jpegs for uploading to Seesaw
- Graphic Organizers for Google Slides