Christmas Activities | 12 Days of Christmas Countdown | Distance Learning 4-6

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Impress your principal, parents, and even yourself as students engage in both fun and learning right up until the last bell rings before the holiday break! Our TPT best-seller is packed full of winter-themed craftivities, reading, writing, and math.

These are the original 12 Days of Christmas Countdown resources for the classroom! These printable and digital activities will save your sanity during the weeks leading up to Winter Break. Our TPT best-seller is packed full of winter-themed craftivities, reading, writing, and math. Many of these activities can now be accessed or assigned digitally through Google Slides.
Impress your principal, parents, and even yourself as students engage in both fun and learning right up until the last bell rings before the holiday break! Make the most of those 12 days, and give yourself a break from the planning and prep work. We’ve got you covered! Download the preview to see a sample of what each of the 12 days has to offer.
All teachers know the school days between Thanksgiving and the Winter Break are difficult to fill. Students want to be engaged in holiday fun, but teachers want activities to be educational. This year you can do both! With these 12 Days of Christmas Lesson Plans, students will be racing to school, excited for what each new day brings.
Here’s what you will find in our 12 Days of Christmas Bundle:
  • Candy Cane Day
  • Christmas Carol Day
  • Christmas Tree Day
  • Christmas Cookie Day
  • Elf Day
  • Gingerbread Day
  • Kindness Day
  • Polar Express Day
  • Reindeer Day
  • Santa Claus Day
  • Snow Day
  • Stocking Day
Each day’s lesson plan includes:
  • a reading and writing activity with differentiated pages
  • a math activity with differentiated pages
  • a variety of other fun and educational suggestions that match the theme
  • Teacher overview of activities
You will receive these digital resources:
  • A link to daily themed student work pages, digitally created in Google Slides
  • A video tutorial for assigning through Google Slides.
***Google slides graphic organizers have text boxes for students to type and occasional moveable pieces.
Please note: The digital activities are not meant to be assigned as stand-alone, self-directed student activities. The activities will still require teachers to provide guidance, instruction and direction prior to assigning to students. Please take this into consideration before purchasing.
To prepare for the 12 Days of Christmas you will need some type of container to store each day’s materials. We purchased 12 gift bags from our local dollar store. They were 2 for $1. You can staple or glue the daily labels onto the bags.
The suggested read-aloud books are not included. Check out your school or local library. Most can also be purchased online or in Scholastic’s book club orders, though you can also choose your own books that go along with the daily themes.
Detailed Description of Contents:
Candy Cane Day
Candy Cane Legends Text and Opinion Writing
How Candy Canes are Made Video and Instructional Guide Writing Activity
Math Candy Cane Measurement and Conversions, Line Plot Graphing
Dissolving Experiment
Candy Cane Exchange
Candy Cane Craft
Candy Cane Word Ladder
Christmas Carol Day
History of Carols Informational Text and Text Dependent Questions
Caroler Craft and Opinion Writing Prompt
Math: 12 Days of Christmas Graphing and Performance Tasks
A Christmas Carol Book or Movie
Sing Along Songbook and Caroling Activity
Carol Crossword
Write Your Own Carol
Christmas Tree Day
Christmas Tree Then and Now Text and Comprehension Questions
Then and Now Informational Writing Card
Literature Read Aloud and Events Sequence Organizer
Math: Christmas Tree Math Facts Game of War and Story Problems
Build-a-maze Ornament
Christmas Tree Craft Beaded Craft and Stained Glass
Christmas Cookie Day
Holiday Cookies Around the World Text and Graphic Organizer
Holiday Cookie Informational Writing Prompt
Literature Read Aloud and Story Map
Mrs. Claus’ Cookie Recipe Writing Activity
Math: Cookie Baker Performance Tasks
Cookie Games & Activities
Cookie Exchange
Cookie Cutter Craft
Catch the Cookies Word Search
Elf Day
Read Aloud Elf Book and Story Mountain
Elves and the Shoemaker Reader’s Theater
Elf Narrative Writing Prompt
Math: Elf Rounding or Percent
Miniature Elf Food Tasting
Elf Name Creator
Elf Craftivity and Designs
Elf Shoe Origami
Gingerbread Day
Read Aloud, Story Elements and Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizers
Alternate Story Version Writing Activity
Create Your Own Gingerbread man Craftivity
Math: Guess My Number Place Value
Gingerbread-making Class Project
Roll-a-Gingerbread Activity
Gingerbread Playdough
Kindness Day
Read Aloud and Story Theme Graphic Organizer
Acts of Kindness Brainstorm
Kindness Challenge and Certificate
Math: Acts of Kindness Subtraction Game and Skill Sheets
Kindness Color by Number Subtraction Page
Acts of Kindness Pass-Along Cards
Kind Hands Craft
Polar Express Day
Polar Express Read Aloud and Cause/Effect Organizer
Character Traits Comparison
Hot Chocolate Recipe Writing
Compare and Contrast Book vs. Movie
Math- Money or Rate Word Problems
Design Your Ticket Craft
Reindeer Day
Drawing to Learn Activity
Literature Read Aloud and Story Board Summary Graphic Organizer
Reindeer Informational Text, Note-taking, and Informational Writing
Reindeer Labeled Diagram
ABC Order
Math: 4 in a Row and Story Problems
Reindeer Cup Craft
Thumbprint Postcard
Santa Claus Day
Santa Claus Around Europe Informational Text & Passport
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Read Aloud
Santa Claus Character Traits Graphic Organizer
Santa Opinion Writing
Math: Roll and Color with Number Operations
Santa Claus Charades and Sing Along
Santa Craft
Santa Word Cloud Graphic
Snow Day
Snowflakes Facts Research and Informational Writing
Read Aloud and Response to Text Graphic Organizer
Math- Snowman Fractions and Quiz-Quiz-Trade Game
Paper Snowball Fight
Making Snowflakes Craft
Snowman Glyph
Stocking Day
Read Aloud and Literature Elements Graphic Organizer
Needs, Wants, and Wishes Writing Activity
Stocking Acrostic Poem
Math: Elapsed Time
Stocking Craft and Kind Words Stocking Stuffers
Stocking Joke Activity