Digital Student Data Tracker | Self Reflection | Portfolio for Distance Learning



This student-friendly data tracker will allow students to track their growth in all subject areas as well as set goals and reflect on their work. In this resource, you will find data sheets for the students to track and reflect on their learning. When students are involved in the tracking process, their learning becomes much more meaningful to them.


Get your students tracking their own learning in minutes with zero prep. Students can use these trackers as a guide to present their learning to parents during Student Led Conferences.

Pages are available on Google Slides, printable, and editable (in PowerPoint). We included step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on how to access the activities on Google Slides.

This resource includes:

Folder Cover Page
Cover Sheets for each subject
Teacher at-a-glance Trackers
Math Tracker
Math Fluency Tracker
Spelling Tracker
Sight Word Tracker
Acadience Tracker
Reading F&P Tracker
Reading Fluency Tracker
Social Studies Tracker
Social Studies Tracker
Science Test Tracker
Monthly Writing Sample Pages
Self Reflection Sheets
Goal Setting Sheets
Monthly Writing Labels (to place on student writing samples)
Pages are available on Google Slides, printable, and editable