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2. We create easy-to-use, rigorous and engaging resources

Do you want last minute lesson plans that are rigorous? Our Learning Quests cover topics in-depth using comprehensive activities. Our proven-to-engage resources will help you achieve high test scores because our lesson plans teach students how to think deeply.

For teachers, we understand when it’s late in the day, yet you still want rigorous lessons planned and prepared for the next day. Our resourcs will fit in your budget, meet your time constraints and save you stress. Let us help you!

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#3. We love when you steal our Ideas

We are dedicated to our blog. We are teachers with a combined 40 years experience in the 1st & 2nd Grades. We've compiled all of our learning to share with other teachers like you

Lesson Planning & Management Guides

  • Actionable Guide for Lesson Planning
  • Meet Core Standards with Read Aloud Time
  • What is Classroom Management?

Get a refresher on the anatomy of an Elementary Lesson Plan - we'll cover key components, activities, engagement and more! Plus, simple + effective lesson plan template download.

The Anatomy of an Elementary Lesson Plan


When you learn how to read with a purpose (not on the fly), you'll begin to easily meet your core standards.

How to Use Read Aloud Time to Meet Core Standards

Did you know, your class can effectively manage itself when you build stron community? Learn how!

Understanding Classroom Management

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#4. Our Resources are Better, Here's Why

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Learning should be fun, and challenging. We aim to do that with every one of our resources. We often hear students are more enaged with our less plans. We believe it as our students are!

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We have 40 years combined classroom experience, and have eached earned masters degrees in classroom instruction. We are coaches who have helped teachers like you!

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Many of our products are rated 5 Stars. We believe this is because our goal is to make your life as a teacher as simple as possible. We include detailed instructions and  many of our resources require no-prep.

Meet the Coaches

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Emily spent 14 years in schools.  She began teaching 1st grade in her hometown in Utah. She moved to Northern Virginia to attend George Mason University to earn her master’s degree in curriculum design. She returned to Utah to marry her childhood sweetheart and become a reading coach.  Two years laters, she became a curriculum director.  She had 3 kids in a short number of years, then became a stay-at-home mom and a full time Core Coach.  She is passionate about instructional coaching and curriculum design.  She feels blessed to be able to share her talent and passion for coaching teachers and writing curriculum in this virtual  community full of amazing educators.


Tatum spent the majority of her 14 years in the classroom as a 1st and 4th grade teacher, but has taught every grade K-6 in some capacity until becoming an Elementary Instructional Coach 3 years ago. She loves working with fellow educators as they improve their teaching craft. Tatum has earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Integrated Teaching through the Arts. She continues her passion for coaching as both a part-time Instructional Coach and a full-time Core Coach.



Amy has 9 years of experience as a 1st and 2nd grade teacher. She attended the University of Phoenix and received her master’s Degree in Teacher leadership. Amy loved teaching and being in the classroom. Sharing her love of reading and introducing her students to her favorite children’s books brings her true joy. Building a strong classroom community was also very important to her. Amy Now works full time with the core coaches writing and creating curriculum from home. she recently moved back to her home town in utah. She lives there with her husband and teenage daughters. Amys passions including Traveling, camping, snowboarding, and mountain biking. When amy isn’t behind her laptop, you can find her sitting by the pool reading a new book or watching the bachelor:)