Invisible Boy activities and lesson plans to accompany a 4 day interactive read-aloud.

This heartfelt story brought us to tears as we empathized with Brian, the boy who feels invisible. He is sad and lonely at school until the new kid Justin asks him to join him and another boy for a class project. At the beginning of the story, Brian is drawn in black and white with the world around him in color, which symbolizes his isolation. As he feels more accepted and included, he becomes more colorful. Brian’s journey teaches kids empathy and opens a discussion about ways to create classroom inclusion.


After completing a story mountain and thinking about how Brian felt at different points in the story, we had a group discussion on how to include others at school.

As a class made an anchor chart of the different ways we could include others around the school.Including others anchor chart.

My first graders illustrated comic strips depicting situations where they had opportunities to include others. They loved all three days of this read-aloud. This was another perfect book for helping build classroom community at the beginning of the year.




See what other books I read at the beginning of the year to help build a positive classroom community here.  I was touched by the amazing conversations this book started in my class. This book is a such great way to teach your students about empathy.

Read-aloud lesson plans and crafts.

Grab our lesson plans and start a discussion about empathy, bullying, and including others in your classroom.