Best of Classroom Engagement & Accountability Strategies

These classroom engagement tools are an easy way to build your classroom climate. With these simple classroom management strategies, your class will be cheering each other on, smoothly shifting from one activity to another, quickly grouping for cooperative learning, and energetically engaged throughout the day.

Class Cheers

SHOUT-OUTS are a way to acknowledge your students’ positive behavior and academic achievements in the classroom. When kids are cheering each other on, it positively influences classroom culture.

Checking for Understanding

Formative assessment—discovering what students know while they’re still in the process of learning it—can be overwhelming. Not anymore! This ready-to-go bundle of formative assessment tools will help you easily deploy quick, effective strategies that keep kids engaged and accountable during lessons and inform your instruction along the way.

grouping cards for students

Grouping Cards

Grouping Cards are a fun and easy way to make classroom groups. There are many different ways to group students. Grab these for a quick way to group students in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s or more.

Teachers, You Got This Year!

2020 was a tough year. We are here to help make 2021-2022 the best school year yet! Check out all of our back-to-school ideas by clicking on the links below.