We’re All Wonders by R.J. Palacio

These lesson plans and activities are perfect for the #choosekind movement. 

This picture book is written by the same author that wrote the ‘Wonder’ series for upper elementary students. We were so excited to bring the #choosekind movement into our first grade classroom this year! In this story, Auggie knows he is different from other children, yet he hopes that people can change the way they see, look with kindness and find the wonder in everyone!

This book is simply wonderful. Our students loved it. After we read it, the class had a great discussion about accepting each other’s differences and choosing kindness. We had students create a flipbook to reflect on the major events from the story.

Read-aloud lesson plans

We read the book a second time and really dove into Auggie’s character. We made an anchor chart about his character traits and the students independently wrote “all about Auggie” using evidence from the story.

Then we read the book again for a different purpose and we had the students pair up, ask one another questions, and write the wonder they found in their partner. We were so impressed with the conversations they were having with their partners and how their writing turned out. Check out these other speaking and listening strategies I use in my class to get my students to have meaningful discussions.

This is a must-have book for your classroom library! If you don’t have it yet, go get it! Then, grab the 4 day lesson plans, text dependent questions, graphic organizers, and craft templates by clicking on the images.

I hope you start the #choosekind movement in your classroom this year.