informational text For Elementary: Winter Bundle #2

We just love using National Geographic kids informational texts in our classrooms and decided to pick three great titles for this bundle. ‘Polar Bears’ by Laura Marsh was a perfect choice from their selection. We started our Polar Bear Lesson for this book by looking at the key ideas and details about polar bears. For day two we dove into the point the author was making and located evidence that supported the author’s point throughout the text. Finally, students used what they learned to write a nonfiction flip book and compliment it with a cute polar bear craftivity.



For our next selection, we picked ‘Penguins!’ by Anne Schreiber. Your students will love the cute and playful photographs of penguins in this text. We started this close read by asking and answering questions about penguins. We included an option where students can write their own questions about penguins or use the questions we provided. The second lesson had students focus on what information they learned from the photographs. Students wrote the information they learned from the text and compared it to the information they learned from the pictures. For the last day, students used all of their new knowledge to write three facts about penguins on the adorable penguin craftivity.


Our final selection for this pack was ‘Wolves’ by Laura Marsh. Thanks to familiar fairy tales, students are naturally drawn to these scary but intriguing creatures and will definitely enjoy learning more about them. We began the first lesson by categorizing key details about wolves on a graphic organizer. During the next lessons, students returned to their organizers to write additional facts they learned about wolves as they revisited the text.  In the second lesson, the class made connections between the text and the text features to help distinguish between the sounds humans hear wolves make and what wolves are actually communicating to one another. For the third lesson, students wrote an informational booklet on wolves. These lessons were finalized as students painted a howling wolf art piece.


We hope you and your students enjoy these informational texts as much as we do! You can purchase each of these lesson plans separately or in a bundle by visiting  shop

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