Who We Are

We are 3 teachers who are passionate about education and learning. Each of us completed Master’s Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction. And combined, over 40 years of experience in the elementary classroom.

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Our Focus

We believe a strong classroom community starts the foundation for learning. We are passionate about helping teachers build a positive environment where students thrive. You can find helpful, popular classroom community resources here. 

We also believe students are capable of doing hard things with perseverance and a growth mindset. We create rigorous lessons for kids that are carefully scaffolded.  We provide teachers helpful, detailed instructions and examples of how to execute all of our lessons with students. You can find in-depth read-aloud lessons and paired text lessons here.

We believe digital resources are absolutely essential for today’s students. We are currently working hard to meet the demand for technology in the classroom.  We have combined our expertise in literacy and technology to create digital lesson plans. Check out our most popular resource line Digital Learning Quests.

MUST-READ The Anatomy of an Elementary Lesson Plan

Don’t take our word for it!

“Wow! This is an engaging resource filled with authentic learning and activities. This is jam-packed with great activities and expectations for students to learn and then show what they learned. The read aloud feature is perfect for my second graders who need help with reading. Absolutely, awesome purchase!!”

– 2nd Grade Teacher

A Year of 1-2 Interactive Read-Aloud Lesson Plans Curriculum Bundle

“This has got to be one of the best resources I bought on TPT. My students love morning meeting but when they were able to start leading it- OH MY GOODNESS!!! They learned so many great things such as time management, planning and organizing. This resource helped me to guide them in running morning meeting on their own and it made them feel empowered to be leading it!”

– 5th Grade Teacher

Student Led Morning Meeting – Editable

“This is absolutely one of my favorite products. It is comprehensive, rigorous, and engaging. It is well thought out, organized, and so easy to follow. Thank you so much for such an excellent product!. This is one of the best resources I’ve ever bought. My kids really grasped the concept of noticing others and making them feel important. I believe these will be lessons and activities they will remember all year long.”

– 2nd Grade Teacher

A Year of 1-2 Interactive Read-Aloud Lesson Plans Curriculum Bundle

“Very well done- these book study units make me a better teacher! It has questions that are ready to go and have been thought out and well put together. Love these!!”

– 1st Grade Teacher

After the Fall Interactive Digital Read-Aloud | for Distance Learning

Our Purpose

We are passionate about designing and implementing engaging lesson plans and sharing useful strategies and materials with our colleagues around the world.  With our combined 40 years’ experience in the classroom, we understand a teacher’s need for new ideas, examples and quick lesson plans. We’ve developed a comprehensive lesson plan to ensure little preparation for you while delivering class material your kids will connect with.

Our Story

The Core Coaches came together quite randomly.  Emily and Tatum met on a writing team while designing teacher professional development courses for the State of Utah.  They soon became friends and began presenting together across the state.  Emily and Amy met when they began working together at a new charter school.  Emily was her instructional coach and the two of them started working closely together to design curriculum for the school.


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