Bear Snores On

Bear Snores On Interactive Read-Aloud for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

I can’t resist any of the Bear series by Karma Wilson.  They are my go-to, favorite read-alouds. I enjoy noticing Wilson’s ingenious craft and new details as much as my students.  I chose “Bear Snores On” for January because it is the perfect fictional story to compliment our hibernation unit of study.  I couldn’t resist purchasing Melonheadz adorable graphics for these read-aloud activities. The first day I will ask text dependent questions to target key ideas and details.  I want to make sure my students understand the gist and basic plot of this story.  We will complete a cut and paste to sequence the “who” and “what” in the story.

The next day really wants to dive into vocabulary.  “Bear Snores On” is packed full of rich Tier II vocabulary words that merit time and attention.  I pulled out my favorite vocabulary activity again for this lesson. I will revisit pages with the vocabulary word, reread the sentence with the word, then model how to figure out the meaning.  We will talk about how to use the text, illustration, or another resource to define it.  After defining a couple of words as a class, I will give students the opportunity to try it on their own worksheet.  They will gather on the rug with clipboards as we define a few more words.

The third day, we will discuss cause and effect. “Bear Snores On” has a basic cause and effect relationship that young students can understand.


The last day, we will have a blast making retelling puppets.  Kids will partner up to make a campfire setting out of a paper plate, tissue paper, and brown construction paper.  We will use our “Bear Snores On” puppets in our retelling station during literacy stations.


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    2 Responses

    1. Love the resource for Bear Snores On but clutters does not mean talking- it means to crowd untidily- as they crowd around the fire.

      1. Thanks for your insights Cheryl. We’ll revisit that vocabulary activity and make any necessary changes. Watch for updates to come!

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