Ready or not, school is coming (in some form or another) and it’s time to prepare for whatever that may look like.

This summer we’ve put over 100 hours into our newest resource- DIGITAL SIGHT WORD PRACTICE in the hopes that it will fill a need and save you tons of time!

If you are looking for the perfect way to teach new sight words and review old sight words next year, then these sight word activities are for you! They can be used with Seesaw or Google Slides. There’s one activity for each of the first 100 Fry words. Each sight word activity consists of 16 slides and guides students through variety of activities.

Below is a video of the activities for the sight word and. We intentionally made the activities for every sight word similar. We want students to focus on learning the new sight word instead of learning how to complete the activity. We promise students will LOVE completing these digital activities.

These sight word activities can be used with Seesaw or Google Slides and the links are PRELOADED with all the moving pieces. ⁠

Example of some pre-loaded activities on Seesaw

These digital sight word activities are a fun and engaging way for your students to practice their sight words.

They are perfect for in-person classroom instruction! Think- fast finishers, interventions, literacy centers, independent work, digital homework, computer lab assignments, etc…

ALSO perfect for at-home learning assignments! If you need some more ideas on other digital resources that will work for school or at-home learning you can check out all of our digital activities for distance learning here.

Click the image below to purchase 100 DIGITAL SIGHT WORD ACTIVITIES.

Happy teaching!

-The Core Coaches