Formative Assessment: Checking for Understanding

Formative Assessment: Checking For Understanding

Formative Assessment Can Leave Teachers Feeling Frustrated

Formative assessment has been a hot topic for quite a few years now. For years, our principal expected to see teachers using formative assessment as part of their classroom management process.

We attended several professional development courses on the topic but, unfortunately, we always left the courses feeling frustrated and empty handed. We wanted quick, easy strategies that we could implement with our students immediately.

What is Formative Assessment?

According to, Formative Assessments are used to evaluate student learning progress at the conclusion of a specific instructional period. However, there is often confusion among teachers as how to put Formative Assessment into practice.

That’s why, decided to ‘take matters into our own hands’ and solve for how exactly to implement lessons that include Formative Assessment. After months of researching and creating, we are SO EXCITED to announce that we now have the solution to implement fun, quick formative assessment strategies.

Fun and Engaging Formative Assessment

That’s why we’re excited to share we’ve made Formative Assessment and checking for understanding super easy! All of the resources included in this AMAZING, GAME-CHANGING resource come in a printable or digital format! Click on the image below to grab them for yourself.

This ready-to-go bundle of formative assessment tools will help you easily deploy quick, effective strategies that keep kids engaged and accountable during lessons and inform your instruction along the way.

Whether you are ready to spice up your formative assessment or are new to the game, this resource is perfect for you.

Free Resource

If you would like to learn a bit more about our formative assessment strategies. check out this AMAZING 60 second strategy video. It showcases Participation Signs.


We are confident you will want to try this strategy ASAP, so we created the signs you will see in the video for FREE! Click on the image below to grab the FREE RESOURCE.

Formative assessment strategies are an awesome tool because:

  • They offer an informal way for teachers and students to track what students understand throughout a lesson in relation to the learning target/objective.
  • They guide teachers and students to make immediate adjustments throughout the lesson to better master the learning target/objective. 
  • They guide teachers to make informed decisions about when the time is right to move on to the next learning task or objective.  
  • They give students the opportunity to identify when they are struggling to understand the learning target/objective, allowing the teacher to address students’ needs by offering differentiation and specific feedback.

Formative Assessment in Action

We used these Formative Assessment Strategies with kids and they LOVED them. Check out these fun photos of our resource in action.

Happy teaching!

-The Core Coaches

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