Full Day Sub Plans Based on a Book!


Do ALL teachers hate writing sub plans as much as we do? Whether it’s for PD, vacation time, or a sick day,creating plans for a substitute is something many teachers would like to avoid. We even have to admit it may seem easier to go to school while sick than to write those pesky sub plans!

Teachers, you can fret no more! We’ve taken the time to write teacher and sub-friendly, FULL-DAY, substitute plans based on a book.


That’s right! Just leave the coordinating picture book along with the print-and-go pages of your choice and breathe a sigh of relief because our sub plans are made to be EASY! They are easy for teachers to prepare, easy for subs to implement, and so easy for students to love!

Each day’s sub plans include lesson plans and activities for every subject and are themed around an engaging book.

We call this ‘one book‘ approach- “Substitute teaching- one book at a time.” Take a look at what our unique sub plans have to offer!

The sub starts the day by reading the picture book (for example- Hey Little Ant by Phillip and Hannah Hoose). We provide a variety of English Language Arts activities that coordinate with the book. There are many ELA options to choose from! For example- reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, and poetry.


Our math activities include a full math lesson as well as extra math page options. The differentiated options are provided to be used instead of (or in addition to) the math lesson. This gives teachers the opportunity to consider the time of year and material previously covered to select the best math activity for their students.

Each pack also covers lessons for the sub to teach science, social studies, art, P.E. or recess, and even a few “just in case” brain breaks or time-fillers.




We also provide printable lesson plan pages for the sub that explain in detail each of the activities along with behavior management ideas, a blank daily schedule, and a sub reporting note sheet. We’ve packed so much inside these sub plans and know they will be a hit in your classroom! Click on the image below to see all the sub plans we offer!


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