Raise your hand if you wish teaching the human body systems to a group of first and second graders was as easy as teaching them this song? It can be!


When we were in the classroom, our overwhelm wasn’t so much about becoming experts in different subjects, it was simply the question of “where do we find the time?”


Teaching a complex topic like the human body takes time. Time to research the human body systems. Time to figure out how to simplify a complex subject to make it approachable for first and second graders. Time to create engaging activities and rigorous assessments. All important things that take time outside of the classroom.


That’s where the problem always seemed to lie – where do you find the time, without sacrificing our personal time? You use a coach!


As coaches, our job is to support you in the classroom. One of the most important ways we strive to support teachers in the classroom is by SAVING you time! Which is what we did when we created all of our human body learning quests.


We researched ALL the human body systems, simplified the complex ideas into age appropriate content, created fun and engaging activities; then put it all together in a DONE for you Learning Quest! All while maintaining the quality and rigor you want for your students.

Human Body System Lessons

The Human Body learning quest bundle includes human body lesson plans designed to teach your students everything you would want them or need them to know about this topic. Each learning quest covers several common core standards, and allows students to be self-directed as they independently complete the activities. All the activities can be completed as traditional classroom lessons, centers, homework, independent work, or are great for fast finishers.



Just like all your other favorites, each of these human body learning quest lessons comes ready for Seesaw and Google Slides! They are also printable.


Never used one of our learning quests before? Don’t worry! We include step-by-step instructions on how to assign the activities in SeeSaw and a video tutorial for assigning the Google Slides.


Your students will love the opportunity each lesson gives them to explore ALL the systems of the human body. You will love the opportunity to let them work independently, knowing they are being guided through all the important elements of each system + some fun facts!


 The Digestive System  

Engage students with questions like “What are your favorite foods to eat?” that will get them excited to learn about the digestive system. Then watch as their excitement grows when they learn what happens to their favorite foods once they begin chewing, and the journey the food takes through the digestive system.

 The Circulatory System

Students will be intrigued when you tell them that their blood is made up of multiple parts! They are sure to be impressed when you send them on a quest that teaches them how their  blood is made of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Not to mention, how their blood supports the strongest muscle in the human body – the heart!


The Respiratory System 

When students think about their respiratory system they probably think it’s only about breathing. When they finish this learning quest, they will know ALL the amazing jobs the respiratory system has. How it works with your lungs to help you breathe, talk, sing, laugh, cry and shout, and is also responsible for your hiccups, coughs, and sneezes!


The Digestive System

Watch your students’ faces when they learn that they have over 200 bones in their bodies! Once they’re hooked on that fun fact, they are sure to love learning about how these 200+ bones give their bodies shape, help them move, and provide protection!


The Muscular System 

If your students weren’t impressed  to learn they have over 200 bones in their bodies, maybe learning they have over 600 muscles will do the trick. In addition to that fact, they will learn how these 600 muscles are divided into 3 different types of muscles: smooth, cardiac, skeletal.


The Nervous system: Ask students how fast they think their body sends messages, and they may look at you a bit confused. Once they’ve completed this quest though, we bet they will be excited to share that  messages travel through the nervous system at a speed of 180 mph!


Whether you want to focus on one human body system or teach all of them, this learning quest bundle will give you every human body lesson you need to make it as easy as “head, shoulders, knees, and toes..”